Quarantine Kids Concerts with Joanie Leeds

Dear Families,

My family is sending love to you and yours during this trying time. We can do this together and I’m here for you.

So, how does this exclusive group work?

With exclusive access via FB, through March 27th, I will sing songs and read musical books live with your little each day.  *I may decide to continue past that date if social distancing becomes a longer reality. In that case, you are in the group with unlimited access until the fun ends.

Subscription gives you access to 
-Joanie’s Jewish Sing-Along from 4:30-4:50 PM EST as well as 
-Secular Sing-Along from 5:00 PM- 5:30 PM EST
*There is a 10 min break between sing-alongs so I can prep the next video and give your littles and mine a small bathroom/water/snack break

1) Please send me a request to join the group on the Quarantine Kids Concert  group.

2) Once I receive your $50/$100 paypal or venmo payment I will accept your invitation to join the group via Facebook which gives you access to both daily sing-alongs. 
paypal: joanieleeds@gmail.com  venmo: @joanieleeds 
3) Once in the private group, you will have access to view all concerts which remain on the group page anytime, even if you can’t join live at 5pm. Join live to interact with me.

4) If you choose Package 2 ($100),  I will send you dropbox download links to my entire musical catalogue. On April 3rd, you will get a free download of my 9th album, All The Ladies. ⭐️ 
I hope to see you there.

*Please send me an email or a PM that you are sending payment so I don’t miss it*